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Re: Skins / SF Postgame

Originally Posted by Chico23231 View Post
The blame lies 110% on Bruce Allen and Dan Snyder. The talent on offense is unacceptable and the way they free agency and the draft on offense is a joke. The TE position...we've gotten zilch from Davis and Reed and its costs up 15 million alone this year. The mishandling of Cousins...the only real QB we've had for the last 20 years is criminal. The stupid Alex Smith, McNabb, Keenum trades... the reluctance to draft a young QB, choosing to keep McCoy on the roster instead of developing someone. Constant Oline issues with no depth, limited play at LG and now the debacle of TW situation. Paul Richardson free agent bust...Josh Doctson draft bust. Drafting injured RB Guice and Bryce Love...settling on 35 year old RB. Letting the owner pick Haskins.

This is 110% on Bruce and Dan
Speaking of Love, I thought he could actually play this year once he came off IR. You draft a player in 2019 hoping he can play in 2020? I'm sorry but that's dumb shit, especially for a bad team with a history of numerous injuries. I just don't believe in that at all. Not for this team. You gotta get a guy in that spot that can contribute.

You have your 1st and 4th round picks giving no production and you've won one game against a tanking team.
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