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Re: Rivera Diagnosed with Cancer - Says It Is Treatable and Curable

Originally Posted by MTK View Post
I'm going to wager a guess Ron's doctors have explained everything to him pretty well and he's well aware of what he's facing.

Yeah, I agree. Obviously the road to a cure is always much tougher than Rivera might think. But he’s a tough guy, who looks to be in shape, with a positive mental attitude. That means a lot in terms of his upcoming treatment and recovery.

The important key is that Rivera has assembled an excellent coaching staff to deal with their particular parts of the teams plan and to teach players the style of play and pacing that RR wants. Rivera is the “big picture” guy and he’s already made his feelings known to the players with his dressing down of the team at the practice on Sunday. This is a COMPLETE CHANGE from the “laissez faire” attitude and relaxed practices that Gruden ran for his 6 years of preseason practices. It is significant that things improved today at practice and Haskins/MacLaurin even had a sweet TD pass in 11 on 11 drills this afternoon!

This year was a write off anyway. Rivera’s concept was to evaluate the many players on one-year deals, or who came on the team in the Bruce Allen days, this season. Winning would be nice, but it’s MORE IMPORTANT to know who the core team will be past this season. It also looks like some new WFT players are stepping up into positions that had question marks before these practices started:

Guys who have done well in practice and may fill holes in positions where there was no apparent player to fill it:

Aptke - S
Christian - OT
Stromman - C
Thomas - TE
Baugh - TE
Sweat - DE
Cam Simms - WR

These are just a few. Players are motivated, because many are fighting for team spots or because they are on one-year, “show me” contracts. RR and Kyle Smith have done an excellent job finding players to fill the multitude of open slots on the team. RR has done his job getting the team motivated and the pacing going at the fast speed he wants. He can easily step back from the practices and games during his treatments and recovery, with little change to the teams big plans for this season.

In 1970 Vince Lombardi coached the Redskins just one season before he died of colon cancer. That was tragic because he was rebuilding the team, in his image. But he never was able to finish the job. RR has got this franchise going the right way, with a very good coaching staff, an outstanding (perhaps future) GM, and many young players who are ready to embrace his vision and character. The team can cruise on autopilot under Del Rio, while Rivera gets his treatment and perhaps pulls back to just the big picture stuff this season.

I seriously DOUBT that the team’s overall record would be much different THIS SEASON, between a theoretical season where RR had no cancer and to the COVID 19 suckass year where Rivera gets chemo and no one is in the stands.

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