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Re: Fans at Fed Ex

Originally Posted by irish View Post
But there are easy answers MTK, those answers are wear a mask and avoid large crowds for an extended period of time. Had we done this back in April this mess would be in the rearview mirror but unfortunately people are selfish and cant/wont do something for the greater good.
Ah, "greater good"...the Adolf Hitler argument.

I cannot believe there are still people who can't see the political manipulation we're being subjected to.

Here in Pennsylvania, our Governor has done a fine job of choosing winners and losers. His own company and campaign donors have been granted waivers to stay open. He has punished counties by not moving their "color scale" for no other reason than they spoke up against his decisions. He marched with the Black Lives Matter rioters multiple times for a photo op while now allowing others to assemble or people to go to churches. Our Secretary of Health pulled his OWN mother out of a nursing home just before he and the Governor started sending COVID patients to nursing homes. They've stopped talking about deaths because they were not happening, so they started reporting cases. The cases are not happening at a rate to justify keeping everyone shut down until the election, so now it's all about the number of tests taken.

And yes, not reported by CNN, but the CDC themselves said the actual COVID deaths are not 180,000, but around 6-8,000.

The goals of the leftists are seeing success. Citizens are turning against their fellow citizens, looking at your neighbors like they are out to kill you with the disease. People are getting violent over others not falling in line with the Government's (big G) orders. States do not have to do any enforcement, brainwashed citizens are doing it for them.

Don't just look at this assault, listen to the reporter and witnesses:

"You have to wear a mask in and keep it on." "People should wear a mask!"

Then no one bothered to help the poor old woman. Why? Afraid of getting within 6 feet of another human?

The mask isn't the issue here yet everyone keeps talking about that. People shouldn't assault other people.

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