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Re: Fans at Fed Ex

Originally Posted by Monkeydad View Post
Absolutely. A company who plays politics faces consequences.

I'll actively try to avoid using Fed-Ex from here out. I really hope Joe Gibbs drops them as a NASCAR sponsor.

Nike has been crossed off my list for years. Aside from their horrible politics, every pair I've had has lost it's sole...ask Zion Williamson about that. I've never had New Balance (my new favorite brand) or Adidas do that.

With any luck, the NFL will see it's dropping ratings and revenues and fire Goodell. The new Commissioner hired needs to be a no-nonsense, no politics leader. He or she needs to come in and wipe the slate clean...eliminate all politics from the sport and hope fans will forgive and return. Apoligies and amends need to be made to the fans for the way they've acted and ruined the game that we love. Uniforms should no longer be a statement of expression, make them UNIFORM again. Disrespect of the nation that pays them millions to play a game for a living should not be tolerate. The politics of the current NFL WILL kill the league. Learn from the NBA's example, they're on their deathbed for their "wokeness", obsession with BLM and affair with Communist China. They've had to sell ad space on their jerseys to survive financially. The WNBA has been worse. Those women are being beyond disrespectful to a level of absurdity. They're not just peacefully kneeling, they're making a selfish spectacle with rehearsed displays of protest. No wonder that league is practically dead.
Enjoy football this year for as long as it lasts. Between the political stuff, and the major issues like fans not being allowed at games anymore, i don't see any way they can survive it. The NFL might be out of business within two more seasons. Ratings are already down, and with knowing that we will never have full capacity stadiums anymore, i just don't see how they make enough money to keep going. This is probably the beginning of the end for the league....
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