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Re: Fans at Fed Ex

The NFL ratings are down because they have gone from being a Sunday only sport, to Monday night, Saturday games, three games on Sunday and a Thursday game. Sure the TOTAL PERCENTAGE of the NFL is down but the amount of TOTAL MINUTES of tv coverage is WAY, Way Up!

25 years ago, people had not even heard of the Combine - now it is covered before, during and after the 3 day event!

This year’s draft was EAGERLY covered on tv and it turned out to be a personal, MOVING television event. I wouldn’t be surprised if the NFL kept this year’s format, instead of the fake, Vegas-glitz format of the previous years.

Football overtook Baseball as America’s favorite sport in the 1960’s due to television. The NFL may be a little overexposed these days but it’s still going strong and will be.

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