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Re: Around the NFL: NFL Offseason

To be fair I have heard non off these guys is asking to pick the players, just to be consulted, ie just to be given a chance to have their feedback included. In RW case his OL has been trash, his window is limited and since he signed the contract they traded their next 2 first picks for a safety. Imagine their OL with 2 first rounders on it. They have no cap space to fit free agent OL in because said safety is also gonna want $20m a year. Does a player not get to have an opinion if a Coach or Owner goes off trading for shiny toys which make his own position more difficult? For all of the acclaim Seattle get for being a great front office, their track record on first round picks isn't great. Maybe he could do a better job

[EDIT] That being said, RW also needs to realise that in order to pay his wages the defence which made him look so good early in his career has been dismantled.
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