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Re: Alex Smith Cut

Originally Posted by Chief X_Phackter View Post
You know, I get tired of hearing "yeah, but he's never won a SB", or he's just a "Captain check down", etc. You know who else never won a SB? D Marino, J Kelly, W Moon, D Fouts, P Rivers, and plenty of other good/great QBs... Guess who also is (or was) shown to "check down" at about the same percentage or more: D Carr, D Watson, E Manning, P Rivers, and plenty of other good/great QBs...

He's a great player who just manages to win games, and never ever got the credit he deserved.

The last two years exemplify what type of person he truly is. Best of luck in whatever he chooses the next chapter to be.
Exactly this. His play was not "exciting", but he knew how to lead and generally win. I hope he has a great future, whether in football or not.
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