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Re: Alex Smith Cut

Originally Posted by MissouriSkin View Post
What difference does that make? People have gotten it wrong with the first pick too since thatís what youíre implying. Ever heard of JaMarcus Russell? People have gotten all sorts of picks wrong....Ryan Leaf...Akili Smith....Johnny Manziel....Brady Quinn.....
It makes all the difference when you're drafting with the top two pick vs. the top 19th pick.

It literally makes all the difference in the world. Not saying Rivera can't scout, just saying the staff's job is easier because out of all draft eligible players, you can eliminate the clear-cut #1 pick and trust your instincts. When you're at 19 and you have no idea how the 18 in front of you are gonna go it can be a game of chance. You have no idea if the guy you want is going to be on the board when you pick.
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