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Re: Josh Rosen Trade Rumors: Redskins Have 'Openly' Discussed QB If Made Available

Originally Posted by Buffalo Bob View Post
The problem with footwork related to sports it has to be instinctive, it can be a deal breaker. If you aren't a natural you can be in trouble, sometimes a problem that is never cured. Different sport, but to me a funny story none the less. I boxed in my youth as an amateur and also trained people to box, nothing serious mostly for self defense purposes. The first thing a person needs to learn is foot placement in regard to balance stability and to be in position to throw the most effective punches.

Some people you would show them once and they felt comfortable and got it, the naturals as I call them. On the flip side I had guys that would look down at their feet during sparring sessions. I am pretty sure you do not have to be a boxing expert to realize that does not turn out well.
Amen. Footwork and foot placement is key to all sports.
I also coach, Soccer, football and baseball. Coaching kids has taught me a lot about human nature. Sometimes its like herding cats. But what I quickly learned is they all want to be great immediately, but they find learning fundamentals like footwork boring. They want to be scoring, celebrating, showing off, fame with out putting in the hard work. How did Rosen get to be a second year NFL pro and not have good footwork?
Below is not the video I was looking for, but it talks more about Bill Walshs always stressing footwork to his QBs and what I imeadiately see as troubling in Rosen. He has work to do to break his bad habits.

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