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Re: Josh Rosen Trade Rumors: Redskins Have 'Openly' Discussed QB If Made Available

Originally Posted by Defensewins View Post
Below is not the video I was looking for, but it talks more about Bill Walshs always stressing footwork to his QBs and what I imeadiately see as troubling in Rosen. He has work to do to break his bad habits.
Walsh was also a major proponent of perfect ball placement so the receiver catches the ball shielded from the defender and never breaks stride. Another thing done in his practices over and over and over.

I was a 49er fan living in California from the early 70's till 2010 when I moved East and jumped on the Redskin's bandwagon. I still poked my nose in 49er fan websites till a couple years ago. What I found odd is some old school fans like me that followed the team during the Walsh era all excited about Colin Kaepernick. Many thought he was just going to be a bigger and stronger Steve Young with tattoos.

I was never impressed and predicted he would flame out. While physically gifted he was fundamentally a complete mess. Inconsistently poor footwork that effected accuracy. He also had happy feet, leaving the pocket way too early. He stared down receivers, etc,etc. Worse yet it was a known fact he did not like working on the fundamentals of the game. I was stunned he even succeeded as long as he did.

Unfortunately for people like Kaepernick if the physical talent can mask fundamental flaws coaches at the college level don't seem to insist they perfect them.
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