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Re: Colts-Redskins Postgame Thread

Originally Posted by Chico23231 View Post
I think Luck is generally overrated at QB, BUT he is a bright guy. The ignorance by Manusky to adjust is simply ego...him and Gruden have this effing ego and I cant figure out why. Are they generally stupid?

Season 5 for Gruden and we are still having Offense performances like that last week.

Its a serious problem imo. a serious problem that he simply will never be a good HC.

Way too early to throw the season into the toilet. Having said that, I do understand the concern of seeing how badly this team performed against the Colts, and looking at the teams the 'skins have to face in the upcoming weeks - it can be a death nail in the coffin of Gruden's coaching career with the 'skins, or it could turn out to be an impressive turnaround. I can't blame everything on Gruden and I won't. I can point out so many adverse, unwinnable situations that Gruden has had to take this team through - things beyond his control. But, I wont say he's totally innocent either. This team has to have 10 wins this season. I believe that. I think that is the only way Gruden keeps his job.
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