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Re: When is Enough, Enough? Bruce Allen Edition

Originally Posted by Chico23231 View Post
Question, if talent isn't an issue...where do you rank our roster just within the division?

Eagles have a more talented roster...that's an easy one. I think the Giants roster is on par with ours. I think Offensive talent we are better the cowboys...but defensively I think they are equally talented, and maybe give the Cowboys a slight edge.

To say the talent isn't an issue, that's just ignorant....borderline stupid.

Callahan, Tomsula, Kotwica, randy Jordan...these are league-wide, well respected coaches.

I agree talent is a huge issue. WR? Nothing. RB? An old man and a kid who has never set foot on the field (it was addressed though so I will give it a pass). Interior o line - weak. Edge rusher - weak. Secondary - weak. TE- Reed is awesome for the three games he plays a year - and so that is another area of need. QB - donít even get me started.
We have a couple O linemen and Trent is getting towards his twilight years, a couple stud D linemen, a RB yet to prove a damn thing. That is all I can think of that we have to build around. Yeah, like Chico said - to say talent isnít an issue is borderline stupid.
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