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Re: Post Dumpster Skins vs. Saints Thread

Originally Posted by mooby View Post
The only way we wouldn't bounce back from this is if we had no leaders in the locker room. I think we do, and I expect them to lead by example this week.

Also it's disappointing to hear what Hall said about Norman, but I would hope after the game he had last week he'd focus on what's important this week.

Jay Gruden reportedly yanked headphones off Josh Normanís head
Michael David Smith,ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, the incident began when Gruden stepped to the front of the locker room to address the team. Norman had his headphones on, which is normal for him at halftime. But Norman also had his back to Gruden, which meant Norman didnít realize that Grudent had started talking. That prompted Gruden to yank the headphones off Normanís head.

That resulted in Norman getting very upset and walking away, with Gruden calling after him, ďIf you keep walking, youíre not going to start the second half.Ē

Norman did not start the second half, for reasons Gruden declined to explain. But that appears to be the reason.
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