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Re: What’s your plan for the Quarterback position?

I don't think I want to do anything that will screw up our ability to build the team in a stable fashion for the long term. Trading for Joe Flacco might have done that because of the cap consequences - glad it didn't happen.

I'd like to see cap space remain available to retain our crucial players like Scherff when the time comes. So that rules out spending what it would take to get a Tannehill, Foles, etc.

I don't mind dipping into the bottom of the QB scrap heap in free agency because the supply outstrips the demand this year. We might be able to get a Teddy B or Tyrod Taylor for just a few mil, who knows.

But those guys should only be considered insurance for Colt, who like KCT I believe can be a decent player if he can just stay healthy.

I strongly consider drafting a QB with the first rounder. Whether Alex comes back or not, he's getting older and we need a future. I'm not convinced that Daniel Jones, Drew Lock, and Kyler Murray can't be very good in this league. I'm not convinced that they will either. But I'm at least sniffing around hard on them and thinking about it.

No trade up, but stay at 15 and if I can get one of them, possibly do it.
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