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Re: The Haskins Threat 2.0

Originally Posted by mooby View Post
The problem is that is all you have to grade him on for next year. Either you make the decision he is your starting quarterback going forward or he isn't.

I've seen enough improvement from his last two starts compared to his first two starts to say yes, I am comfortable building around him for the next 3-5 years.
He was drafted 15th overall, that automatically gets him 3 years.

You dont have to make a decision at the end of year 1 (now) to decide whether to build around a QB taken in the 1st R because you already answered Yes when you took him 15th overall.

IMO we wont be at a decision point with Haskins for 2 more years.

Fans declaring hes a bust and we must pull a Josh Rosen after 2 emergency games are just as knee jerk as fans being convinced hes a legit franchise QB after 1.5 decent to good games against the Eagles and Giants. Eagles he forced some dangerous throws into tight coverage that could have easily been deflected up in the air vs caught and he seemed to benefit from every 50/50 ball. Giants game .. that was like playing our secondary, pretty easy but he made some very nice reads and throws.

Whether you like Haskins or hate him, hes our starting QB for the next 2 seasons. There is no decision to be made about him right now imo. 2 years from now, we will have to decide to resign him or move on.

I like Haskins. I was very encouraged about that 1st half vs the giants but I must temper that it was against the Giants and theres not a book out on him yet.

I am real curious to see how he does in year 2, when the league has film and game plans for him and he hopefully has a full season of playing time.

if you love him or hate him, youre going to see him for the next 2 seasons under center, regardless of how great or poor he plays.
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