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Bruce Out??

First for all the Bruce Allen lovers who want to keep him in some capacity as a stadium guru or something else. He is a cancer in the organization:

1. He was considered the Worst GM in the NFL by players and agents in a USA poll two years ago. He is specifically listed as “untrustworthy” by them all. Is that a trait you want in a team executive?

2. He is despised by the Redskins fans and media. How is that going to translate into helping to get politicians to cough up a $ 1 Billion for a new stadium?

3. He was specifically listed as a casual factor by the team’s best player as a reason for wanting to leave the team? He sabotaged the possibility of trading this player, in his typical nasty manner. Is this a person you want in your organization?

4. While VP he continually undercut and sabotaged other qualified executives on the staff including a GM, an executive brought in to improve fan relations, and others. As these people were being released by the team he leaked nasty rumors about them. Again, is this a person you want in your franchise in any capacity? He got rid of these people not because they were failing but because they WERE SUCCEEDING and steeling his thunder. To be a SUCCESSFUL executive you hire people better than you, give them guidelines but let them do great things. You don’t sabotage them because they are doing better than you!

5. He was clueless about football and showed his arrogance and lack of awareness of the problems on the team. Calling the culture of the team as “damn good” when the team eventually would go to 3-13 shows his utter lack of situational awareness.

I don’t hate Bruce Allen. He is just a guy who moved in the NFL based on nepotism. He has been an utter failure at every aspect of this team: over 100 losses in 10 years, considered the worst GM in the league and NO STADIUM. How many years do you give a guy to do anything positive besides being Dan Snyder lackey? He is a terrible GM and a pitiful leader, and shows me no attributes as an executive that I can see. Get rid of him and move on.

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