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Re: The Haskins Threat 2.0

Originally Posted by BigHairedAristocrat View Post
I think there is close to 0% chance that all 3 of Trent, Scherff, and Flowers come back. In fact, I'd put the odds that none of them come back as being greater than all 3. But i think both scenarios are pretty unlikely. We will most likely resign 1 or maybe 2. And if its two, it won't be both Scherff and Trent.

Personally, I think Flowers would provide us the most bang for our buck.
I agree, two will be back. Flowers and either Trent or Scherff. If I had to bet between all three or none, I would bet all three will be back. I think there is better chance Trent comes back for one year than Scherff getting a long term deal with top money. I can't see them giving Scherff 15 million a year for 5 years. I understand, today's over payment is next years bargain. Plus we have some young talent at his position. We have nothing at tackle. We are short the following: right tackle or swing tackle, corner back, tight end, line backer, back up quarter back, safety, possible a 3rd down back. If we draft well, we may get 2 starters. One of the starters will be at a position that we already have players.
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