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Re: Welcome your Washington Commanders

Funny, lots were trashing the organization for making a spectacle out of the whole name announcement, and now the announcement was underwhelming - just not enough...

Honestly, I'm fine with it all, the new name, the announcement, the unis - mostly because it's over. I like Redskins better, but it had to go. A name like that has no place in today's PC world. No name was going to be good enough, let's be honest. All the name proposals were bad in my opinion, but I am on board for a fresh start after the last 30 years of suck.

Bye Felicia to all those that feel now is the time to find a new team. Chances are you weren't that much of a fan anyway. This will take some time to get used to, but as has been said ad nauseam, winning cures all.
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