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Originally Posted by Schneed10 View Post
Short / goal to go yardage? Dude have you read anything about the guy at all? Hes 57 195. Hes the opposite of Barber, hes a baby JD McKissic. He wont see the field unless something happens to JD, hell be stashed on the practice squad unless he can carve out a role as a return guy.

There are no every down backs available as UDFAs. Thats a nonsense thought. You can only ever reasonably hope to find niche role players at RB in the UDFA phase.
You're right I didn't look him up properly. Consider my wrist slapped.

Looking at him physically, he reminds me of Barry Sanders (build not running style), same height but 8 lb lighter. He doesn't look like he has the agility Sanders did, but he's got the power in his legs to extend after being hit and break tackles. But bigger guys in the NFL... If he put on a few pounds he could be quite the little bruiser.
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