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Re: NFL Referee Problem

Originally Posted by htownskinfan View Post
I dont know what the NFL can do about the terrible calls,I dont think there's anything they can do except putting more officials on the field or making every play reviewable.
I have an idea for what they could do to make it better, and I share all these ideas in no particular order of importance, etc..

Presently NFL referees are not full-time employees and many of them have other day to day jobs / duties, etc.. I feel that this makes them not be able to devote as much time to being adequately prepared / knowledgeable for their duties on gameday. I propose making them full time NFL employees during the season. From Monday - Friday, they are in classes / meetings / training reviewing NFL game tape, recent mistakes, etc...

*The NFL will establish a quality / correctness percentage, for example; let's say that the NFL mandates that referees maintain a 95% correct ratio, that is determined upon review of games. This is reviewed annually, and any referees who fall below the previously agreed upon rating are terminated.

*Game Day*
ALL penalty calls are reviewble. Also, the HC can throw the challenge flag on a play where an obvious penalty has occurred and is NOT called. The HC's have three challenge flags given to them on each half. Just like the regular challenges, if a HC wins two reviews, he gets an extra flag. The strategy here by the HC is knowing his battles and saving his flags for only the most blatant calls / non-calls. He probably won't throw one on a holding for example, but he should for sure throw one on a blatant face mask / horse collar / blatant pass interference, etc... When it is found that referees threw a flag but they were over-ruled on a review/challenge, then that negatively affects their score.

I know this is not a perfect solution and that it doesn't cover everything, but the officiating is getting very poor, we are nearly all in agreement on that, so we should all be looking at / listening to any ideas that could make it better.
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