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Fans at Fed Ex

Originally Posted by skinsfan69 View Post
That is the risk you take if you decide to go to a game. If you want or need to stay home then do so.

The piece was written to spread more fear, which is what the media has been doing for 6 months straight.

If you get on an airplane there's a risk that it can crash. When you get in your car you know there's a risk that someone is texting while driving and can rear end you.

Come on man. Nobody is trying to scare anyone. 200,000 deaths should be scary regardless of who writes what about it. Our impatience and paranoia about this being some sort of fear tactic is why the virus is running rampant in this country unlike any other. Sometimes there is just a shitty situation. This is a terribly shitty situation. The longer we fight the protocol the longer it will go on. That is the ironic thing. It isnít the person going to the game that I fear for, because like you said it is their choice. But after said event those 25,000 people go back into their communities. The rest of those people who chose not to go are now at risk that it could have been a super spreader event. It isnít conspiracy or fear tactic it is just science. We keep fighting what the doctors and scientists tell us and we will keep dying at a higher rate than the rest of the world. If we all Follow their advice we will be done with this shit sooner, but instead we are fighting it.
Also when was the last time 200,000 people died in plane crashes in 7 months? Or car crashes? To your point though if that did occur you can bet your ass i wouldnít be flying or fucking driving until they figured out wtf was going on.
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