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Re: Around the NFL week 5

Originally Posted by skinsfan69 View Post
Justin Herbert made two throws in his 1st drive that makes me 2nd guess drafting Young.
If we'd sacked Gruden a year earlier and Ron (or equivalent) and regime had been in place to not draft (or at least properly evaluate) Haskins last year, then maybe. Though would we have been able to trade down to take him before the Chargers did? With hindsight he might have been a #1 or #2 pick but nobody would have taken him there based on pre-draft ratings.

If's, buts and maybes anyway. We don't need the #1 pick next year to get a franchise QB, just need to evaluate the guys available properly (i.e. keep Snyder out of the room). Trey Lance maybe that guy around early-mid 1st round. Got a chip on his shoulder to go with his arm, about being discounted as a QB. I like the fact he didn't throw a pick in his first 287 throws last year and he's mobile. But he needs a solid 2nd season else he's another 1 and done like Haskins et al.
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