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Re: A Closer Look at the 2016 Safety Class

Originally Posted by Alvin Walton View Post
The safety crop this year really bums me out because we need to fix this position so badly.
I dont see anyone that I would use our first pick on.
I wouldn't mind Miles Killebrew in the 4th though.
Why are you bummed by this S draft class?

My questions about our S spot aren't about talent but health. I think Hall can lock down 1 spot but then comes health concerns. IF Bruton and Nacho return healthy then between the 2 of them they can lock down another spot and bring quality depth.

I recall talking about Killebrew around the combine. His reputation as a big hitter is missing from his tape (limited sample size tho) and his measureables were surprisingly average looking at his physique. For me I would peg him more as a late round guy.

While there proly isn't a 1st rounder i think there are some quality SAF in this class this class. And depending on Karl Joseph proday 40 he might sneak into 1st round.

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