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Re: boxing/ UFC fans?

I will watch for the spectacle of it. McGregor gonna get his ass kicked, but it won't be a knockout cuz that's not Floyd's style. All the shit talking nonsense is obv trying to get the fight hyped, because when you consider the semantics of it it's clear McGregor doesn't stand a chance. How are you gonna take somebody who's never boxed before and make him fight one of the greatest fighters' of his generation? Same reason anybody does anything else, both of them are gonna get hella paid. The clip of McGregor talking about quadrupling his net worth just confirms it. I think there is substance to the rumors of them sharing a jet everywhere, and McGregor getting KO'd by his trainer. But it comes down to the fact that McGregor has never boxed before. It's just another obvious money grab. Only thing I'm torn on is will it go 12 rounds or not?
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