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Originally Posted by punch it in View Post
I don’t even think it is fair to grade these wr’s based on the quarterback play up to this point. I mean McLaurin would have a 100 yard game with no quarterback but there could be an extremely serviceable number two wr on the roster. Hell there could be an extremely serviceable three. Hopefully we get decent enough quarterback play the rest of the year to find out.
Personally i think you are right but lets see a game where the quarterback actually reads the field first....

Agreed. I want to see a QB who can read the defense and is willing to go for long passes versus endless check downs or 4 yard passes, hoping the receiver can stretch it with YAC. With a competent QB we’ll finally see what we have at WR | TE / RB. McLaurin will get more passes/ yds /TD. I think you’ll see Gibson and Wright really open up!

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