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Ron Rivera Thread

It's been almost a full season under Ron, lets look back at a few notes:

1. His battle with Cancer through most of this season.
2. Taking over a horrible situation and roster with no Off season.
3. QB situation was a hot mess to start.
4. Starting the season 1-5
5. Many were questioning if he was the right choice after just 6 weeks.

Fast forward to Mid December and he has this team and fan base 100% bought in to the new culture, the defense is as good as it's been since the Sean Taylor days in WSH.

Alex Smith is 4-1 as a starter coming off one of the worst injuries in sports history.

The CULTURE is different now, the TEAM is finally one.

I was excited when they hired Ron but now I'm even more ALL IN. If this team finishes 8-8, does Ron win the Coach of the Year?
“Mediocre people don’t like high achievers, and high achievers don’t like mediocre people.”
― Nick Saban
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