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Re: Ron Rivera Thread

Originally Posted by Chief X_Phackter View Post
Well, I said we could be looking at offensive rookie of the year. He was definitely coming on of late, who knows what his final five games could have been, and where he would have stacked up. As of right now Gibson has like 80 less carries, but averages more yards per carry than Robinson, and he has four more rushing TDs. Agree that the QBs always have a leg up on these awards, but the team's record often also plays a big part for some reason.

Anyway, I'll take 3 of the 4 awards. What a season...
I'll take 2/4, CY99 and Alex Smith gotta be the leaders in their categories. If Ron gets COTY I'll take that too, but historically in the last 10 years COTY has at least 11 wins minimum (exception is Bruce Arians 9-3 in 2012 filling in for Chuck Pagano). Also Ron is a two time COTY winner already. I think the cancer thing will swing some votes his way but otherwise it will go to some 11+ win team who overperformed expectations (Kevin Stefanski or Sean McDermott looking at you)
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