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Re: Stafford in WFT Plans? Hes Available

Originally Posted by Daseal View Post
I'll be the odd man out here. I don't want Stafford. He's likely more talented than anyone on our roster - but he's on the wrong side of 30, is a perennial loser even with pretty decent offensive weapons, and would have us giving up draft capital to get him. Not everyone is Tom Brady that can play until they're 40, especially a player that hasn't proven they can elevate the talent around them.

I think we saw during the playoffs we're way more than just a QB away from being a perennial competitor. Henicke had an exceptional game in the playoffs that still wasn't able to bring it home, largely due to large gaps with our LBs, WRs, and DBs.

Honestly, I'm okay seeing what we have in Henicke and Allen this season at QB - or going after a younger vet that would take less/no draft capital (Mariotta, Dak, etc.) while building up the team around. If those players do poorly this year, start looking to being aggressive in the draft for a long-term answer.

Tannehill is also 32 and looked outstanding in Tennessee also, Mariota absolutely sucks

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