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Re: Ron Rivera Thread

Originally Posted by skinsfaninok View Post
Ron and JDR have really built up this defense seemingly overnight since the HORRIFIC 2019 team.

The depth is insane at almost all levels.

JDR said yesterday that he expects Davis and St-Juste to be immediate impact players.

Said "St-Juste is a freak athlete that is long and can really help in the press coverage game along with W Jackson"

Fells good to have a legit franchise for once
For sure, I'm really excited to see how the defense will play this year. We will play multiple good/great QBs so it will be a good test for the defense. Also, it's good to know that they are expecting St-Juste to contribute immediately, I wasn't sure what we would expect from him when we drafted him. I love his story though.
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