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Re: Ron Rivera Thread

Originally Posted by skinsfaninok View Post
I was excited when they hired Ron but now I'm even more ALL IN. If this team finishes 8-8, does Ron win the Coach of the Year?

Remember ... 17 games this year ... we CAN'T finish 8 and 8!

Even with a first place schedule, I think we surprise people this year. I really like the D additions, and I think our O will be more potent than we think.

Way too early projection: 10 - 7 for me. With a couple of Cowboy beat downs. It should be a very fun year.

@ Atlanta
@ Charlotte
@ Dallas
@ Philly
@ Las Vegas
NY Giants
LA Chargers

@ Green Bay (A Rod has them in a mess, so who knows)
@ Denver (I think the Broncos will surprise folks.)
@ Buffalo
@ NY Giants (stub our toe here ... should be a W)
New Orleans (Post Brees could make this easier)
Tampa Bay (I would love to make a statement here)
Kansas City
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