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Re: Ryan Kerrigan Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by Ruhskins View Post
Teams that showed the most interest in Ryan Kerrigan were the Eagles, Steelers and Bengals. But he opted to stay in NFC East.

I know the Steelers are not a sure thing, but I would put them on top of the Bengals or Iggles. Maybe the Iggles promised him a starting role?
Doubtful, they have Brandon Graham and Derek Barnett still. I think Kerrigan will be their third for use as a situational guy. Possible they could play him inside on pass rushing downs too, with a look like Graham and Barnett outside and Cox and Kerrigan inside.

It's a shame he has to go to a team we can't stand so much, that's hard to see. But we have to do what's right for us and seeing what we can develop from three recent seventh rounders is the right thing to do when your starters are Chase and Montez. Between James Smith Williams, William Bradley King, and Shaka Toney you hope to have some depth develop. Toney in particular has upside.
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