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Re: Predicting the final 53

Originally Posted by CRedskinsRule View Post
I am fine with our TE's, Logan is the premiere, but Bates and Reyes seemed serviceable at least. Ricky Seals Jones would step in if needed. That said, anytime you have a top 5-10 player at their position, you aren't likely to be the same offense if they go down. That is as true of CY as it is Logan.

I was looking at KJ Wright info yesterday, and I just think he wants too much and also too much of the "this isn't Seattle" mind you mentioned. I would not be upset if they brought him in but I could also see it tipping the locker room the wrong way.

LB's are the weakest group unless Davis really gets it.
Or Wright wants to sign with a team that is SB contender. Things have been really quiet with him ever since the offseason so who knows why he still hasn't been signed.
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