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Re: WFT vs Bills Pregame Thread

Looking at Josh Allen's box score stats

2 games, 47/84, 56% comp %, 449 yds, 5.3 avg, 3 tds, 1 int, 44.7 QBR

^^ Looks very non MVP like

2018 and 2019, he had comp % of 52 and 58, QBR of 49 and 49.
2020 he had his coming out party, 69% comp % and 76 QBR.

I somewhat question Josh Allen's ability to read the field, go through progressions, throw guys open .. those tier 1 traits but then last year and in playoffs he seemed like he stepped his game up to a tier 1 level.

Hopefully there is some good film and a blue print for JDR to follow from the first 2 games. When I saw they beat the Phins 35-0 .. I was expecting elite Qb stats and play.

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