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Re: Predictions and Projections 2021 WFT Results

Originally Posted by PorkSkins View Post
IMO, the "first place schedule" stuff can be overrated. It's three teams we'll play in which our competition will not play. Can those three games make a difference? Sure, it can. But that doesn't necessarily mean it wi make difference. Not to mention, there could be a chance a team or two could underperform per our "first place schedule," while our division brethren competition could be better than they were a season ago.

Just one man's opinion. I think some folks put too much stock in those three games when things can change not year-to-year but week-to-week.
I agree with you. There are so many variables.
I will say I do think we have a mighty tough schedule, though. I'm buckling up for the ride, though.
Can't wait for tomorrows game.
Just mowed the lawn and swept the newly installed patio. Making sure the only thing I have to do before the game tomorrow is go and pick up hoagies for me and the lady.
To beer, or not to beer? That is the ques.....oh, look...a beer.
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