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Re: Super Bowl Week

Originally Posted by mooby View Post
It's a tossup Frenchy, Kupp and Donald were both big reasons why the Rams won. Do they win without both of them having the games they played?

For Donald - I think one thing that gets lost in the sauce for d-linemen is they don't get credit when they're not making plays by being double/triple-teamed all game. Doing that takes away resources for the offense which frees your teammates up on 1 on 1's. And despite all that he still managed to make a few clutch plays at the end of the game. He went to the next level when the stakes were highest. You can make an argument he deserved it - but you can make an equal argument for Kupp.

Do the Rams win it if Stafford and Kupp don't take it to the next level on their last drive? Stafford was out of options - he just kept forcing it to Kupp, and Kupp delivered. The Rams needed every one of his catches to win.

In conclusion I have no beef with Kupp winning it - offensive playmakers are always gonna get more "sexy" votes than d-linemen, even if that lineman is a stud and first ballot HOFer. It's the nature of the beast.
Yeah I have no beef with Kupp winning it either. I'm just a defense first guy and thought those last 2 plays (+ the bullrush sack + the stats only sack) were clutch as F. But rewatching the game I'm just a tad bit less impressed than I was live. He was awesome and very impactful despite the pass protection being designed around him, but he indeed was kept on check more than I remembered... Anyway, could've gone both ways, clutch players being clutch when needed !
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