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Re: Impressions on the East, how do you feel about our Rivals?

Originally Posted by Chief X_Phackter View Post
I think Dallas takes a step back this year too, for the same reasons you stated. And honestly, I'm not all that impressed with T Diggs either. He had a lot of INTs last year, but sometimes a player just has a year where the ball keeps finding him. I doubt he has the same good fortune two years in a row. Other than the INTs he was meh...

Eagles will go as far as Hurts can take them.

Midgets will be basement dwellers again.

Washington has a chance to take the Division, but like Philly, it will come down to QB play.
Just reading about Diggs in the preseason magazine indicates he's actually not the greatest in coverage. Just a super aggressive ballhawk who gets picks. Still think Dallas will be a strong team. Dak just wasn't as good down the stretch. I also like Philly in this division. Dramatically upgraded their defense and their oline is one of the best in football. Hurts doesn't have to be Dan Marino just needs to protect the ball and make good decisions.
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