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Originally Posted by BaltimoreSkins View Post
Cash deserves to get racked over the coals for taking out Snell. Go for Dodgers I am glad to see Kershaw finally get the Series. Long time coming. I might have to go get a taco I have never eaten Taco Bell before but hard to pass up a free taco.

Never had Taco Bell before? Congrats. It's the cheapest colon cleanser on the market.

When Cash pulled Snell I had flashbacks from last year's WS. He was literally dominating the Dodgers with no run support whatsoever. Cash deserves all the scorn for that move.

Congrats to the Dodgers though, you can't say they didn't earn it because this was their 3rd trip in 4 years. Happy for Kershaw too, I actually felt bad for him after Rendon and Soto tagged him last year haha.

Justin Turner - what a bitch move. If anybody that was on the field or a loved one that was there ends up in the hospital thanks to COVID I would be pissed that he came back out. I get it - you wanna celebrate. But you gotta think about the greater good. At the minimum wear a mask - take it off for a picture here or there and I doubt anybody would care. But telling security to fuck off when you're out there knowing you have it is a dick move.
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