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Re: Mini camp starts tomorrow and.....

Originally Posted by skinsfaninok View Post
Curtis Samuel looks good per Keim, hopefully he stays healthy. If this offense can gel and stay on the field , it has big time potential. Look at the matchup nightmares it will create.

Terry = We all know hes amazing
Samuel = If healthy he's a weapon in the slot
Logan T = Big time possession TE
Dotson = Been lighting up camp so far
AG = Can do it all if he holds on to the ball
JDM = Weapon X
Robinson = Beast RB
Wentz = Top 20 QB and can stretch the field

No excuses for Turner this yr
It’s really tough to get solid take aways this early…but based on what I’ve heard a couple things stand out:

1. The jump at QB play on the field with Wentz is shocking too some because we simply haven’t seen it in such a long time. Arm strength, anticipation, big throws that seem routine, running the offense, etc

2. Brian Robinson is getting run regularly with the ones.

3. “It’s normal for the defense to be ahead of the offense as practice and activities begin”. Not necessarily the case so far per Local RTD reporter. The offense rhythm and execution has looked tight, well run early on.
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