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Re: Redskins Salary Cap Status 2019

Originally Posted by Schneed10 View Post
In advance of free agency season here's the look at the Redskins salary cap. OverTheCap continues to have terrific salary cap data available and when you read through it, some fairly obvious moves present themselves. This thread is equal parts a summary of where the cap stands today, and a list of the moves the team is likely to make to manage their cap flexibility.

As the team makes moves I'll try to keep this updated to reflect the actual impact on the cap.

Redskins Cap Space Entering 2019: $17.7M

Moves Likely to be Made:
Sign Brandon Scherff to a contract extension $5.0M estimated
Release Zach Brown $5.75M
Release Stacy McGee $2.3M
Two Players Move into Top 51 ($1.2M)
Net Cap Impact of Signing Rookie Class ($4.0M) estimated
Available Cap Space for Free Agency - including Likely Moves: $25.6M

Other Potential Moves
I'm not sure these are likely. But for your reference here's the potential impact.
Release Mason Foster $4.0M
Trade or Release Jordan Reed $6.07M
Release Vernon Davis $4.97M
Release Josh Norman $8.5M
Tender to Maurice Harris - RFA ($1.9M)

Yeah despite Alex Smith's contract we're far from cap hell.

All your likely moves make sense, wouldn't add anything.

I thought after the Instagram snafu Foster was a lock to be cut, but if the "it was my cousin" thing is enough to put it past, I'm fine with it, I've said many times he's an underrated player, he has ups and downs but on a good day he's extremely valuable.

In my book Norman stays too, definitely overpriced but he's played way better than most think IMHO.

I would be in favor of cutting Vernon Davis, I'll take the 4.9M over an aging TE that can't block and had several crucifying drops last season.

Moving forward:

I honestly wouldn't spend too much in FA, bringing Nsekhe, Kouandjio and Johnathan Cooper should be cheap priorities. A lot of veterans G are available, get a proven one to start at LG.

We also need a WR, obviously, I'd love to bring Crowder back, but at what price ?
This staff is going to want to be competitive now, so they'll probably try to find a #1, which we desperately need, but I hope they don't overspend, because the list of UFA WRs is not exactly wowing me... (plus I hope they're gone next year so we can start to hope again).
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