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Re: Case Keenum to the Skins

Originally Posted by skinsfaninok View Post
Maybe AZ didn't want to give up picks, skins could deal Case and our 4 for Rosen
Skins do not have a 4th round pick. You have 5 total draft picks this year. Rounds 1,2,3,5 & 7.

What is everyones infatuation with twisting the Keenum trade into a deal for Rosen? In the highly unlikely event that Washington trade Keenum to AZ for Rosen, that means the Redskins would have made 3 major trades for the QB position in 2 years. That would have to be some kind of record.

Looks to be that you've acquired Keenum on a 1 year rental and his cap number almost matches McCoy. Very low at $3.5m. You draft a QB in this draft, and because of the rookie salary pool working in your favor, you can afford to carry 3 QBs on the roster, absorb the cap hit of Alex Smith ($20m) and still have some working room to sign a free agent or two. 3m for Colt, 3.5m for Case and about 570k for a rookie. Add that to Alex Smiths hit, it totals to 27m wrapped up in the QB position. I do not think you could improve that. Rogers & Carr make that alone in one season.

The other option is to 'flop from Fromm', who is predicted to be the 1st overall pick in the 2020 draft.
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