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Re: New 4th and 15 rule..................

Originally Posted by Buffalo Bob View Post
It was been a lot longer than the last decade, more like the last 40+ years. The head slap was outlawed in 1977 in that same year they also started progressively letting offensive lineman use their hands more.

Originally Posted by sandtrapjack View Post
Yeah man, I remember. Who was it that 'vilified' the head-slap? I think it was Deacon Jones maybe? Good times.
That was Deacon Jones. I think he also coined the term "sack." I remember the rule changes in that era well as I was playing High School football and a lot of their rules followed the pros. Pre 1977 were great times to play defense, you could beat an O-lineman in the head and he could not extend his arms to defend himself or he would get flagged for illegal use of hands.
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