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Re: Dwayne Haskins

Trying to look at this completely objectively - I'm not entirely sold that Haskins will succeed and become a top 10/15 type QB in the NFL. Chico's points about his surrounding cast at OSU are fair. At the same time, dude knows when to put touch on the ball and when to gun it.

But if I had no questions about him then Haskins have been the first overall or 2nd overall pick. So that's why I like this - the price we paid makes it worth the shot. We didn't trade away multiple picks to get him. Instead we get a rookie QB on a rookie QB contract for four years (plus an option) who by all accounts has a decent chance to be a top 10 type QB. You have to take that shot because the rookie QB contract is the holy grail of team building.

He gives us a chance to pay players at other spots and make a run in 2020-2022 before Haskins himself needs to be paid. It's hard to talk about the Redskins and a Super Bowl window without chuckling, but that's what the rookie QB contract gives you.

Alex comes off the books after 2020 when we release him, and if Haskins looks legit, then we pay up at other spots and push the chips in for 2020-2022. That's what this pick gives you, it's worth taking the shot.
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