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Re: Dwayne Haskins

I can't believe what I am reading. All the haters. I'm telling you guys, you got your guy. Said it before, Haskins is the best QB in this draft. Have any of you watch Ohio State games? Haskins has mobility, he can make throws on the run and out of the pocket. The guy passed for over 4000 yards and 50 TDs last year to only 8 interceptions.

The one who is screwed is Murray. What the hell does he have around him in AZ? Murray is from my home state and what I know is he has always been surrounded by superior talent. Especially on the offense line. His high school team, 3 of the 5 linemen all got full scholarships to Div 1 programs. At Okla, that offensive line is one of the best in the country. I feel bad for Murray, he is going to get killed in Arizona.

Haskins will have a solid running game around him. Guice and AD. And that is a rookie QBs best friend.

Next few years are going to wicked in the NFC East. Haskins, Jones, Wentz, Prescott. I am stoked. I applaud the pick of Haskins.
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