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Re: Reuben Foster carted off with apparent leg injury

Originally Posted by Chico23231 View Post
Have you heard me talk about the TE position endlessly this offseason? The red flags are easy to see, but if the plan by the front office is too simply "cross fingers" then they have to shoulder a lot of the blame. But its known Gruden likes "his guys" and a lot of times those guys aren't getting it done. Im legit worried about Reed/Vernon Davis at TE this year...again. Gruden, front office...blame to go around

One thing about ILB...I know its early, but they really like the rookie Cole Holcomb and they signed Jon Bostic. While its bad news, not all is lost...Foster, Hamilton, Bostic, Holcomb, Harvey-Clemons isn't a terrible core there.

I agree 100%.
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