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Re: Come up with a new name for the Redskins

Originally Posted by Warthog View Post
Red Tails - the only African American fighter group in WWII . It showed they could handle every single job in the unit from top to bottom. They flew P-40, P-47 and P-51.
Their performance was a big factor in the military desegregation in 1947.
Positives: Fight song stays the same
Colors the same
Really cool story
Honors the military AND a specific unit

Warriors - Positives:
Snyder owns the name
Colors stay the same
Bring back retro spear helmet
Honors the military in a broad sense
Negatives: NBA team same name

Red Hawks - hawk over much of U.S.
Positives- Fight song stays good
Same colors
Easy mascot
Negatives: 5 NFL teams have bird names

I thought the “Skins” might be in there but not listed in every article

Generals - negatives - team that loses every game to the Harlem Globetrotters is called the Generals.

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You might have sold me on Redtails. If we were going to rebrand I wanted it to be relevant to the city and not distant Alabama, but a national symbol for the nations capital I can get behind.
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