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Re: Taylor Effing Heinicke

Okay. I do not want to hear the “Heinicke is small and frail crap anymore”.

Taylor Heinicke 6’1” 210 lbs
Drew Brees —- 6’0” 208 lbs
Kyler Murray — 5’10” 207 lbs
Russell Wilson -5’11” 215 lbs

As the pronounced president of the Taylor Heinicke Fan Club, I will not tolerate such slanderous lies be made about our quarterback of the future. He sprained his AC joint flying like Superman during a circus stunt. That is not a normal play. The kid is a very smart “5 read” guy who has demonstrated terrific decision making and great accuracy, even with difficult down the field throws. He is extremely familiar with this offensive scheme. He is mobile and can extend plays when needed.

Now taking applications for members.
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