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Re: What happens with Kyle Smith?

Originally Posted by HTTR View Post
You have one giant reason *not* to be confident until proven otherwise: Dan Snyder.

Being mediocre not only means failing to attract and hire the best and the brightest, but also failing to keep homegrown talent inside the organization. Whenever things start to look promising from Snyder (eg, Gibbs 2.0), they quickly revert to the mean. Sure, this time may turn out better, but the organizational dysfunction is far from resolved.
That's your reason. I'm fine with being confident until it is proven not to work.

"Homegrown" talent always ends up elsewhere. Where did Belichick come from? Mike Tomlin always been in the Steelers organization? Nope. Andy Reid, Pete Carroll, Sean Payton...all those guys grow up in those organizations? Nope. Bill Parcells...? I could go on and on with head coaches, GMs, etc. Funny thing is people move around when opportunities arise. You can't keep them all, no one does (or can).
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