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Re: Super Bowl Gameday Thread

Originally Posted by sdskinsfan2001 View Post
They are saving the holding the flag plays for when it involves Tompa Bay committing the possible penalties.

If I was a Chiefs fan, I'd be lighting my own house on fire in protest of this game.

Im completely rooting for KC. Do not like Brady. Respect. No likey. Lol
The refs probably could have held on to a couple flags but those timeouts that KC called thinking they were going to stop Brady AND get points with 40 seconds left were two really terrible decisions that ultimately gave him the time he needed to score. Also KCís OLine is getting ripped a new one by TBís front four. Those are the reasons they are losing, not the refs, not the league. Anyway I think KC will get 7 on the first drive of the second half and we will have a good game on our hands....
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