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Re: What happens with Kyle Smith?

Originally Posted by Scalper View Post
At least three of the more promising young coaches in game, Shanny, LaFleur, McVay, were here and left, and we chose Gruden, a mediocre coach at best, instead. We let a few promising young GM or talent evaluators go, while keeping Bruce and Vinny. The only reputable GM that would come here prior to RR was a drunk, McLovin, who was fired for abusing alcohol again. We then just let one of the most promising young talent evaluators in league go, who was admittedly brought in by Allen because he was a son of his buddy AJ Smith, but he does have pedigree and has been performing well. We let him walk to bring in two retreads.

I think the broader point of the original poster is that whenever we begin to sniff success, THE DAN meddles. Given that the one factor preventing success is still in place, THE DAN, the reasonable assumption is to presume it won't work until proven otherwise, because that is the history here. Anything else is irrational. We let the superior talent evaluator go for two guys who are better administrators. Only time will tell, but I think it is a mistake. At no time in the history of THE DAN'S ownership have we drafted so successfully, as the last three years, and letting a key contributor to that success walk seems unwise. We can only imagine where we might be right now if we had let Smith pick a QB instead of Haskins. But I see why RR had to have his own guy, given that he can't trust THE DAN but can't admit this publicly.

I expect Smith to be a GM within 5 years, and one of better GMs in league for a long time. I could be wrong. Time will tell. I expect us to be a solid competitor under RR but not win the SB, or even come close, and to eventually move on from him. I hope we win the SB, FYI. History suggests Mayhew and Hurney will whiff on a QB, as they have previous. I don't think Smith would have had he been given the power to select who he wanted, but we can't ever know for sure.

I like Smith. He isn't a polished public speaker like Mayhew or Hurney, but he seems more like a scout. The single most important skill of a GM is to find talent, QB especially, and I think we let the superior talent evaluator go.
Reasonably ASSume what you want. I choose not to be stuck in the past.

There was no room for KS here. We have grown men running this show now. So KS has an eye for talent. Ok. So do other guys. Maybe he's a GM in 5 years. Good for him. Maybe KS finds Atlanta their future QB (it's a little easier at pick #4). I'm sure you will be singing his praises, and drowning your sorrows, once they draft Z Wilson or J Fields.

Every person who has ever had the responsibility to draft players into the NFL has "whiffed" on drafting QBs.

Looks like Hurney was partially responsible for drafting 4 QBs, one of whom was Cam Newton. That's a 25% success rate - not bad.

Looks like Mayhew was partially responsible for drafting 1 QB while with the Lions - Matthew Stafford. That's a 100% success rate - pretty good.

Looks like Mayhew was partially responsible for drafting 1 QB while with the 49ers - C.J. Beathard. He's still a backup QB in the NFL - good.

This organization has taken several steps forward this year and yet some of you refuse to acknowledge it.

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