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Re: Fitzmagic Thread

Originally Posted by mooby View Post
Fitzpatrick is a grown ass man, you think these 21 year old college qb's who have never had a working job in their life and are introduced to wealth and fame in the span of 6 months don't need mentoring? LMAO.
C'mon.. This whole mentoring stuff is a bunch of bullshit. Fitz wants to play. Not change diapers. I remember Brett Favre saying it wasn't his job to mentor anyone and that always stuck w/ me. Rodgers turned out ok. Is Rodgers sitting around mentoring Jordan Love? No. Yes you can learn from a vet by watching but that is as far as it should go. Heinike and Allen don't need anyone to hold their hands. If a QB needs his hand held and needs to be coddled by a vet then you got the wrong guy.
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